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Centralized composting toilet systems are sized by number of continuous occupants for expected usage.  The composting unit is placed underneath the floor, such as in a basement or crawl space.

The flushable systems use 1 pint of water per flush and can have multiple toilets per composting unit.  It is the number of full time occupants that size the system, not the number of toilets you have.  The toilets are similar in style to conventional toilets and are plumbed in a similar fashion to standard toilet plumbing.

The no-water systems are a great solution for folks that don't have access to water or simply want to minimize or eliminate their environmental impact.  The toilet is placed right above the composting unit (anywhere from 36.5" to 81.5" above the surface of the composting unit).

Non-electric systems are great for people off-grid or who just want to keep their electrical usage to a minimum.  These units are available in flushable or no-water models.  The electric heater facilitates the composting process and is slightly more efficient at composting then the non-electric units.

Below is a chart to help you decide which unit best suits your needs.  Just click on  the model number for more information and pictures for that model.  The 1000 series that is listed is intended for weekend or vacation use and therefore has a listing of zero for full-time occupants.  With all these NSF-listed models, the occupancy rate can be doubled for short periods of time.

Model number Full time occupants Electric heating element Flushable Price
1000 0 yes yes $1845
1000 NE 0 no yes $1645
2000 4-6 yes yes $2045
2000 NE 3-5 no yes $1845
3000 6-8 yes yes $2245
3000 NE 5-7 no yes $2045

NOTE: Sun-Mar products ship from New York State.


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