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Dry toilet

Sun-Mar dry toilet, required for all Centrex AF model systems.  These toilets must be mounted directly above the Centrex AF composting unit and can be between 36 1/2" - 81 1/2" above the surface the Centrex unit is placed.  10" diameter connecting pipe is included with the Centrex composter and can be trimmed to length.


Sealand ceramic one pint flush toilets are required for all non "AF" model Centrex centralized composting toilet systems.  These should be placed no further then a 20 foot horizontal distance from the composting unit.  They use standard 3" plumbing DWV pipe (not included) to connect to the Centrex composter.   When the foot lever is depressed, it opens a sealed ball valve to flush the waste and when the foot pedal is released it allows the bowl to fill with water ready for the next use.  More then one toilet can be used with the Centrex units as it is sized on the number of occupants not the number of toilets in use.  At least one of these two toilet models below are required for all of the non "AF" model Centrex composting systems.

Model 510+

Sealand model "510 plus" one pint flush ceramic toilet.  This is the standard toilet used for most applications and has a seat height of 17-1/8" from floor.  Includes 4 bolt mounting flange.

Bone or White
4-bolt floor flange Floor flange for mounting model 510 and 511 toilets.


DC vent fan

1.4 watts/12 volt DC fan.  Fits into vent stack of all "NE" composting units to increase air flow.


DC vent fan

2.4 watts/12 volt DC fan.  Fits into vent stack of all "NE" composting units to increase air flow.


10W solar panel

10 watt solar panel in frame for use with 12 volt fans above.


Fan speed control

Fan speed control to install in fan door cover of AC composting units to regulate fan speed.


"AF" extension pipe piece

Extra 45" section for extra height, includes connecting hardware.  Note: Although an extra section of pipe can be used, it makes it more difficult to ensure proper airflow down from the toilet seat to eliminate all odors.



Composting Consumables:

Microbe Mix:
Dried aerobic microbes and enzymes to start composting. 

Case of 12.

Compost Quick:
Combination toilet/bowl cleaner and compost accelerator.

Case of 12

Compost Sure (green) - mix:
Mixture coarse peat moss and hemp stalk bulking material.

Box of 5, 30L bags
(Skid of 80, 30L bags $1305)

  Compost Quick & Mix
6 each
Compost Sure (blue) - hemp:
100% hemp stalk for added porosity with water flush units.

(Skid of 80, 30L bags $1575)

Compost Swift
A mixture of microbes and enzymes for garden composters.

(Case of 12 dose-controlling 32 oz bottles.)
Compost Magic
A 100% natural bulking material for garden composters.  Boxes of 6 or 24.
NOTE: Sun-Mar products ship from New York State.


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